Water Neutral - Balancing a precious resource.

Water Neutral is an awareness and water conservation campaign targeted at socially responsible individuals, corporations and organisations keen to contribute to the global water challenge that humanity faces, in particular those in water scarce regions.

The initiative's primary focus is towards engaging socially responsible individuals visiting Southern Africa. To demonstrate the Water Neutral concept, a water neutral calculator has been developed. This science based individual water footprint calculator quantifies the volumes of water used to produce goods that are utilised by a traveler/tourist visiting Southern Africa on a daily basis. It is the long-term goal to introduce the individual Water Neutral calculator to other parts of the world in partnership with likeminded organisations keen to make a difference and utilize the calculator in their geographies.

The 'water neutral' concept shows some similarities, and differences, to carbon offset initiatives. Our approach to water neutrality does not mean zero use. Water neutrality means reducing the water footprint of an individual (or entity), and where appropriate, balancing (off-setting) the remaining use in a meaningful way.

Water - Aqua Neutral is a not for profit entity registered in South Africa, registration number 2007/006945/08.

How you can help

If you are a socially responsible traveller visiting Southern Africa, a water-scarce region where many people do not have basic water supply facilities, you can try to 'offset' your water use during your stay by contributing towards projects that enhance sustainable and equitable water use. The principle of the concept is that a person reduces his or her water footprint as much as possible and contributes a justified amount of money for the residual water footprint that he or she presses on the water resources. The funds raised via the 'Water Neutral' concept are channelled to initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable water management practices within a watershed, water conservation, water efficiency and the provision of clean drinking water in rural and peri-urban communities.

Water Neutral is not only about raising awareness and generating funds for the sustainable and fair use of freshwater, but stimulating debate and action to proactively reduce the footprint that one presses on the water resources when visiting Southern Africa. Click here to use the water offset calculator.

Water Neutral News.

Global forces combine into Water Footprint Network

(Wednesday, 15 October, 2008)
Today, 16 October 2008, seven major global players have founded the Water Footprint Network. The network faces the challenge to work towards broadly shared standards on water footprint accounting. Transparent standards are key to enable the global community to constructively communicate about water footprints of consumers and producers. Shared standards are further necessary in order to formulate effective measures to reduce the negative impacts of water footprints.
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Water Neutral Offset Calculator for Socially Responsible Travellers Visiting Southern Africa

(Tuesday, 19 August, 2008)
Stockholm, August 20, 2008. An Individual Water Neutral Offset Calculator, a global first, was launched today at the World Water Week.
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Water offset calculator
To demonstrate the concept's viability post WSSD, water neutral has developed the water neutral calculator; this is a science based individual water footprint calculator which quantifies the volumes of water used to produce goods by a traveller/tourist visiting Southern Africa on a daily basis whilst on holiday or business.
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